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ivyLee Ivy

Lecturer,  Department of Horticultural Sciences, NCSU

The courses I teach allow me to interact with aspiring horticulturists. Their interests are broad but often revolve around some type of plant propagation. As an educator trying to combine science with practical applications, an experience at an IPPS meeting can greatly influence their direction in the green industry. Membership in this organization is seen by them as important and enjoyable.


2015 International Tour


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The International tour will begin on October 4, 2015, from New Orleans, LA and conclude October 10, 2015, in Tampa, FL with a full day board meeting for delegates and an open day for non board members on the last day.  Several organized options will be available on the last day for any that are interested in group activities. The International tour may opt to join SRNA-IPPS activities for the remainder of the regional meeting. Official departure date will be October 15, 2015. If any potential tour attendees have questions about accommodating other arrival/departure dates or locations, please contact Patricia Knight at tricia@ra.msstate.edu, to discuss options for accommodations.

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MembershipWe the members of the International Plant Propagators’ Society, Southern Region of North America, are joined together by a common interest in the propagation of plants. “To Seek and To Share” is our motto, as we “seek” new propagation ideas, new propagation techniques and new plants. We enthusiastically “share” that which we learn. Ultimately, through our interactions with one another, we strive to increase our plant propagation knowledge. With this knowledge, we hope to increase profitability in our industry and to beautify the landscape for this and future generations.

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Why IPPS – Dr. David Creech

Professor at SFA Nacogdoches,Texas Why Do You Value IPPS? How Are You Reaching A New Generation?   “Passion for plants is difficult to teach. Entertain, educate, enlighten. Lucky are those who wake up every day eager to get to the garden.”   “Reduce registrations costs for students & new professionals. …

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