IPPS-SRNA 2014 Conference

Thank You All For A Successful 2014 Southern Region Conference!

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A few of the tour stops are:*Cam Too Camellia Nursery, where they have a diverse collection of species and cultivar camellias and an IPM system to keep the plants clean and disease free. *Buds and Blooms Nursery, which offers high quality Ericaceous plants deep in the heart of the Piedmont. *Mountain Horticultural Crops Research and Extension Center, where you can hear the latest research updates for Boxwood Blight …. and much more.

Sunday night’s Welcome Reception at the Hickory Museum of Art
That’s just a taste of what the 2014 conference has to offer.


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MembershipWe the members of the International Plant Propagators’ Society, Southern Region of North America, are joined together by a common interest in the propagation of plants. “To Seek and To Share” is our motto, as we “seek” new propagation ideas, new propagation techniques and new plants. We enthusiastically “share” that which we learn. Ultimately, through our interactions with one another, we strive to increase our plant propagation knowledge. With this knowledge, we hope to increase profitability in our industry and to beautify the landscape for this and future generations.

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Recipients of the 2014 International Exchange Program

They have been announced! Congrats to Colm & Brie!

Colm O’Driscoll  has a B.S. in Horticulture from National Botanical Gardens of Ireland and a Bachelor of Business Studies from Dublin City University. He has worked at a variety of Horticulture facilities including  Airfield House Farm & Gardens, YOUNGS NURSERIES, and ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, KEW.  He also enjoys swimming, surfing, soccer, running and golf.  Colm is excited about visiting IPPS Members and attending the Southern Region Annual Meeting.  (We hope to have a picture or two of Colm soon.)

brie in prop house

Brie In Prop House

Brie Arthur graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is looking forward to her trip to Denmark. She is active in the Southern Region. She actively promotes the nursery industry through social media. She feels it is very important to attract young people to horticulture.

brie og shoot






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President’s Message

Greetings from Louisiana..

Hope you are enjoying this early autumn weather and that you and your families and businesses are all doing well.  This past winter as we all know, was a record cold one with spring conditions arriving late in many places. Nursery activities got off to a slow start this spring, however, it appears that the industry has recovered and it has been a fairly good year for most nurseries. It seems the horticultural industry, after experiencing several years of troubled economic times, may be heading for some better times.

Buddy LeeWell, time sure has passed quickly and it’s almost time for the annual meeting this October 26-29, 2014 in Hickory NC.  Dr. Anthony LeBude and the meeting committee have been planning this conference for a few years and working hard to make this event as enjoyable and educational as possible.

 A pre-conference tour has been scheduled this year for Saturday, October 25 and includes seven various nurseries in the Hickory area. You will need to make your own arrangements for these visits. The scheduled bus tours on Sunday and Tuesday consist of six nurseries, a research center, an arboretum and a museum.  All the tours are sure to be exceptional and give the attendee the opportunity to experience and learn from some of the leaders and innovators in our industry.

Our educational sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesday.  Maarten van der Giesen, education chairman, has gathered together a list of some of the most awesome speakers in our industry.  Topics are broad based and sure to be educational and enjoyable.  Be prepared to learn something new.

It’s going to be a great conference and I would like to take this time to invite you to attend and experience Seek and Share, which is more than just our motto, it’s our passion.

Please review the 39th Annual Meeting brochure for details.

A great THANKS to Dr. Anthony LeBude and his committee, our speakers, owners of the tour sites, sponsors, IPPS-SR board and to everyone else that has helped in any way to make this conference possible.

See you in Hickory!!!!!!

 Buddy Lee